Super High Gloss (armarol) water soluble tire shine , body shoppe safe

G Force Auto Detailing

Directions: Long lasting glossy finish that can be manipulated by the amount of product that is wiped onto the surfaces. Super High Gloss gives you a rich wet shine that lasts for weeks.

- Clean, shine and protect your car's rubber (tires) , vinyl, leather and plastic

- Creates a protective barrier to block harmful elements from UV rays

- Deep shine finish 

- Penetrates to condition and slow the aging process


For best results clean and wipe down the tires , dashboard, arm rests, door panels, and seats prior to lightly wiping a coat of Super High Gloss onto the surface to be protected. You will quickly achieve a rich shine on faded interior components. In addition to a rich shine Super High Gloss acts as a moisturizer and will help your vehicle's components resist cracking and flaking from the effects of UV rays.


NOTE: Super High Gloss is a concentrated high shine product that MUST be diluted. Water is the active ingredient that activates the high shine for use. 

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