BROWN MAGIC CONCENTRATED (non acid wheel cleaner)

G Force Auto Detailing

NON ACID WHEEL CLEANER (concentrated) 

This is a concentrated non acid wheel cleaner. The smallest bottle can be diluted to make 2-3 bottles. The dilution ratio is dependent on use and how heavy the dirt and grime is. A wheel that is heavily covered in grime is suggested to dilute the product at least 20% water and 80% product. A wheel that is not as covered in grime is a ration of 40% water and 60% product. This is a non acid chemical so using the product straight will not eat away at metal like an Aluminum Brightener # WE ALSO CARRY BROWN MAGIC (RTU) READY TO USE , IT IS 50% WATER DOWN (CUT) # MOST OF OUR CUSTOMERS BUY BROWN MAGIC (RTU) AND RESELL IN DIFFERENT NAMES (water based tire shine

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