August 13, 2022

Has your car lost its former luster? Are there small cracks, dull spots, scratches on the surface? We offer a range of services for professional polishing of high-class cars. As a result of timely and correctly performed cosmetic measures, defects will be eliminated, the original shine will be restored, and long-term protection against subsequent damage will be provided.

Why polish body parts?

The factory paint layer is quite thin and easily damaged during the operation of the car. The main destructive causes are: mechanical impacts (ejection of sand, gravel, friction of branches, careless washing); aggressive chemicals (acid precipitation, saline and other anti-icing mixtures, bird excrement, alkalis in detergents); solar ultraviolet (rays cause uneven discoloration of the paintwork).

These factors lead not only to a deterioration in aesthetic characteristics, but also contribute to the development of corrosion processes in the metal. Trouble can and should be avoided. It is enough to order car polishing from our specialists.

Prevention is the best defense

We are talking about protective polishing of the body, shown immediately after the purchase of the vehicle, as well as for used cars, but without visible spots, chips and other minor flaws. A special transparent composition is applied to the surface, forming a protective glossy film.

It is an effective barrier to adverse environmental effects, excellently repels water and dirt. For polishing, you can choose inexpensive polymer or epoxy-based pastes, the validity of which is no more than six months. More reliable and long-term (up to 24 months) are preparations "liquid glass" and nanoceramic compositions.


The specifics of polishing damaged paintwork

In the presence of micro-scratches, small dents, tarnished areas, we carry out restorative polishing of the car. The traditional technique involves the treatment of parts with abrasive preparations that remove the varnish shell of small thickness (0.003-0.005 mm). Then a protective agent is applied to the leveled plane.

Attention! This method cannot be used repeatedly as it causes the factory coating to wear off quickly, making the metal case less resistant to rust.

An excellent alternative is soft car polishing with modern non-abrasive preparations. Its cost is slightly higher, however, the results will not disappoint you. You will get a perfectly smooth surface, a pristine shine and will put off the prospect of expensive painting for many years.

Turning to professionals is a guarantee of quality

Body polishing is carried out by experienced craftsmen in a specialized room with a constant temperature. Only professional equipment and safe auto cosmetics of domestic and foreign production are used. In accordance with technological standards, the following operations are performed:

surface and deep cleaning of body elements from dust and other contaminants by thorough washing and the use of synthetic clay;

masking of parts that are not subject to polishing operation (we seal with film materials that are easily removed after finishing work);

selection of the optimal technique and materials; polishing procedures, including the use of a special machine, the application of pastes, the final auto-polishing to obtain a beautiful gloss.

For a stable fixing of the effect (at the request of the car owner), the car is covered with one of the protective compounds. Restoration work takes from three hours to several days (depending on the degree of complexity, volume, technology used). The client receives a guarantee for all types of operations performed.

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